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About Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University(IMAU)was established in 1952. Over the past 50 years, IMAU has initiated a multi-level management system with its primary objective focused on undergraduate studies. Nevertheless, IMAU has been paying profound attention to postgraduate, higher vocational and adult educational programs. IMAU is a multi-discipline university with 8 fields of study. They are Agronomy, Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Social Sciences, and Education.

Currently, IMAU has 19 colleges, including 6 first-level and 33 second-level disciplines, which are authorized to grant doctorate degree and 72 second-level disciplines to grant master degrees. IMAU offers 58 undergraduate programs. Over the past 5 years, IMAU has undertaken 855 state-level and provincial-level research programs, with the funds amounting to 160 million RMB.

IMAU consists of three campuses, with a total area of 911.78 hectares. The compound areas of buildings and apartments are approximately 700,000 m2. Currently, IMAU has approximately 32,000 enrolled students, 2080 of whom are master and doctorate students. The teaching staff has increased to 1,534, including 225 professors, 479 associate professors, 73 doctorate degree supervisors and 341 master degree advisors.

IMAU has established broad academic ties with some 30 universities in USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia and the Republic of Mongolia among other nations. IMAU has collaborative programs with foreign educational institutions. Up to now, outstanding achievements have been made in teaching, scientific research, cultural exchange and joint programs.

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